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Stephen Smith

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Debt wasn't always the enemy

Jun 29, 2009
The subprime mortgage debacle has given debt a bad rap lately. But there was a time when borrowing money helped establish a strong middle class. Stephen Smith reports.

He's successful -- and undocumented

Dec 17, 2008
A small businessman who runs a car repair shop in Minneapolis is doing rather well these days, as customers try to extend the lives of their beaters. But he has a big obstacle to success -- he's an undocumented Mexican immigrant. Stephen Smith reports.

Light shines on Katrina survivor

Apr 16, 2007
After Hurricane Katrina destroyed her Biloxi, Miss., house, Ethel Curry waited a long time for help rebuilding it. That help finally came this winter — from an unlikely source. Stephen Smith reports.

Land rush in Biloxi

Jun 14, 2006
Parts of Biloxi, Miss. wiped out by Hurricane Katrina are now prime turf for casinos. Some homeowners are getting big bucks for their storm-ravaged lots. Others won't be so lucky. Stephen Smith of American RadioWorks reports.

Two plans for Biloxi

Jun 6, 2006
Hurricane Katrina wiped away most of East Biloxi, Miss. Now city officials are faced with two competing visions for the area's future. Stephen Smith reports.

What lurks beneath

May 9, 2006
Stephen Smith reports on how the Gulf Coast fishing and tourism industry is coping with the submerged debris left by Hurricane Katrina.