Stephen Gregory

Editor, Marketplace


Stephen Gregory is a former editor for the entire Marketplace portfolio of programs, coordinating efforts with freelancers and overseeing dayside production of the Marketplace Morning Report. Gregory oversaw the coverage stream of how states and municipalities have been handling their budget shortfalls.

A seasoned print reporter for more than 15 years, Gregory joined Marketplace in 2005 where he enjoys the unpredictable nature of his job along with assisting with the development of story ideas, mapping out reporting strategies and honing program scripts.

Prior to joining Marketplace, Gregory worked with the public radio program “Living on Earth.” Gregory attended the University of Michigan where he earned his bachelor’s degree in history. Later, he obtained his master’s degree in environmental studies (resource management and conservation) from Antioch New England Graduate School. Gregory hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and currently resides in Los Angeles where he enjoys camping, hiking and cooking along with foreign language study and traveling.

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