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Stephen Beard

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Waging economic war against Iran

May 29, 2006
The White House is reported to be planning an all-out financial attack on Iran over its plans to enrich uranium. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Even aspiring pop stars can telecommute

May 29, 2006
You might think the life of a young pop singer means long hours on the road between gigs, but Stephen Beard has the story of a once-struggling British singer who found fame courtesy of a Webcam.

Blair changes his tune . . . too late?

May 15, 2006
British Prime Minister Tony Blair is in trouble. His approval ratings have plummeted for a lot of reasons, including one that first got him elected nine years ago. Stephen Beard reports from London.

Drugmaker wins battle with animal rights group

May 10, 2006
Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline got an injunction against an animal rights group today, after it threatened to release personal information about its stockholders. Stephen Beard reports.

Organized crime steering the piracy ship

Apr 19, 2006
Making and selling counterfeit goods is no longer a cottage industry. And with huge profits on the table, organized criminal gangs from around the globe have moved in. Stephen Beard reports.

Piracy has long been a dickens of a problem

Apr 18, 2006
The United States may be pointing the finger at China over piracy, but as Stephen Beard reports, the US has its own piracy skeletons in its closet.

Russia could benefit from pollution

Apr 5, 2006
Russia is one of the world's top producers of greenhouse gases. At the same time, it's set to profit from efforts to reduce the emissions. Stephen Beard explains the apparent contradiction.

Alcohol deaths

Jan 30, 2006
Britain has the highest rate of alcohol-related deaths of any country in Europe. Stephen Beard reports on the economic toll.

European cartels

Jan 24, 2006
The culture of collusion and price-fixing is alive and well in Europe. But regulators have served notice the end of cartel activity is nigh. Stephen Beard reports.


Dec 13, 2005
The Doha round of international trade talks resumes in Hong Kong this week at the WTO conference. Stephen Beard looks at what might happen to the momentum for globalization if the talks fail.