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Shaheen Ainpour is the Marketplace production intern. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a degree in finance and journalism. Before coming to Marketplace, Shaheen was a summer intern at NPR. He likes radio.

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For small companies, doing business in Europe may not be worth the cost

by Molly Wood, Stephanie Hughes, and Shaheen Ainpour May 17, 2018
Large companies are spending millions to comply with Europe's new data laws; that could prove tough for smaller businesses.
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Reddit's CTO on shedding its "dystopian Craigslist" vibe

by Molly Wood, Stephanie Hughes, and Shaheen Ainpour May 15, 2018
The platform is getting a redesign, but how far will that go toward attracting a broader audience?
A screenshot of the new Reddit layout.

ICOs raised billions last year. Should Silicon Valley be worried?

by Molly Wood, Stephanie Hughes, and Shaheen Ainpour May 11, 2018
Initial coin offerings let startups skip venture capital funding, but will they last?
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Vimeo pivots from a place for watching, to tools for making video

by Molly Wood, Stephanie Hughes, and Shaheen Ainpour May 10, 2018
The online-video pioneer is shifting its focus to creators amid competition from YouTube and Netflix.
Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Chicken + Egg Pictures
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Getting "terms of service" updates lately? Here's why

by Amy Scott, Stephanie Hughes, and Shaheen Ainpour May 4, 2018
Europe is about to enact the GDPR, a set of new privacy rules for the web.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images
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American universities may be the target of espionage

by Amy Scott, Stephanie Hughes, and Shaheen Ainpour May 3, 2018
The White House might consider banning Chinese citizens from doing sensitive research in the U.S.
A student walks near Royce Hall on the UCLA campus.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
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The most dangerous stage in self-driving innovation

by Molly Wood and Shaheen Ainpour May 2, 2018
Self-driving cars are on the road now, but they need human supervision. Is that safe?
A driver presents a Cruising Chauffeur, a hands free self-driving system designed for motorways during a media event by Continental to showcase new automotive technologies on June 20, 2017 in Hannover, Germany. 
Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Could tech refuse to help Uncle Sam during war?

by Molly Wood and Shaheen Ainpour Apr 27, 2018
Some tech companies agree they won't help nations launch cyberattacks, but will they have a choice?
A US Marine with the FET (Female Engagement Team) 1st Battalion 8th Marines, Regimental Combat team II works late into the night on her laptop on her reports on November 12, 2010 in Musa Qala, Afghanistan.
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
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What happens if online retailers have to charge sales tax?

by Molly Wood and Shaheen Ainpour Apr 26, 2018
"This is a very big deal ... for all small entrepreneurs everywhere," Etsy's CEO says.
FedEx worker sort through a pile of boxes at the FedEx sort facility at the Oakland International Airport in December 2006 in California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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If a wave of automation is coming, which countries are best prepared?

by Molly Wood, Stephanie Hughes, and Shaheen Ainpour Apr 23, 2018
The U.S. rank might be a bit surprising.
A Sainsbury's employee checks an automated sorting area at Sainsbury's Waltham Point Depot on December 13, 2010 in Waltham Abbey, England.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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