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Polish truckers blockade Ukrainian border in protest over loss of business

Nov 21, 2023
Thousands of Ukrainian truck drivers are stalled at the border in Poland as tensions between the two countries grow.
Ukrainian drivers wait near their trucks, blocked by Polish protesters near a Polish-Ukrainian border crossing on Nov. 19.
Yan Dobronosov/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

Cuba makes bid for foreign investment with a multi-million dollar port

Jan 30, 2014
The $957 million overhaul of the port of Mariel, in west Havana, is being financed by Brazil, and is in the heart of a special economic development zone.

Cuba's drivers don't have to be stuck in the 50s anymore

Jan 3, 2014
Cuba has lifted its ban on importing cars.

In reversal, Cuba shuts down clothing businesses

Oct 30, 2013
20,000 businesses may be shut down.

Results of Spanish election could help country's economic state

Nov 21, 2011
A new party will now take power in Spain, and citizens of that country hope this will solve their economic problems.

In financial trouble, Spain prepares for an election

Nov 18, 2011
Spain is the latest European country to be hit by difficultly in the bond market. Can a shake-up in political power help change that?

'Flashmobs' in Spain to protest foreclosures

Jul 20, 2011
Spain's economic crisis has pushed a record number of families to default on their mortgages. Now young protestors are organizing flash mobs to protest bank seizure of homes.

Spain could be too big to bailout

Jun 28, 2011
With an unemployment rate of over 20 percent, and many citizens protesting new wage and budget cuts, many investors have labeled Spain as one of the weaker European economies to watch out for.

Spain slows down drivers to lower gas prices

Mar 7, 2011
Spanish drivers are slowing down today to comply with a new speed limit. The BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports the government hopes to reduce Spain's gas bill.

Some Spaniards fear tourism drop in Catalonia's bullfighting ban

Jul 28, 2010
The Spanish province of Catalonia has voted to ban bullfighting, saying its barbaric and dangerous. But bullfight supporters say it's vital to tourism.