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Modern gift-wrap tradition has ties to Hallmark

Dec 24, 2014
Wrapping paper as we know it took off about 100 years ago. Now it's a $3 billion industry.

Detroit neighborhood sees hope in a community kitchen

Nov 21, 2014
People in Brightmoor are trying to build a local economy based on food.

Detroit: A city built for 2 million, with 700,000 left

Nov 4, 2013
Detroit's infrastructure problems grind on, despite bankruptcy.

A small pocket of Detroit is thriving, but it's not a comeback city yet

Jun 3, 2013
There's an urban revival in the downtown neighborhood of Midtown, but the level of affluence is less than in other reviving urban centers.

NHL set to shift teams between conferences

Nov 25, 2011
The NHL's Board of Governors is getting ready to vote on a realignment plan to move different teams into different conferences.

Michigan sues private company over bridge construction

Jul 6, 2011
The Michigan Department of Transportation and the Detroit International Bridge Company had a $230 million deal to jointly build a series of ramps on the Ambassador Bridge. But the state says the company isn't complying with the design they agreed upon.

Detroit places economic hopes on cruise ship dock

Jun 1, 2011
The city's $22 million cruise ship and ferry terminal was mostly funded through federal dollars. It could help revitalize the area's economy, but not many ships are calling in.