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Sarah Alvarez

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Health care for foster youth, if they can find it

May 1, 2014
Those who've aged out of foster care get Medicaid until age 26.

Rural schools are struggling to keep the lights on

Jan 25, 2014
When rural families leave to search for better jobs, schools scramble to make cuts -- and may even shut down.

Teenagers who could sign up for Medicaid, but don't

Sep 4, 2013
After a long fight over Obamacare, Michigan will offer expanded Medicaid coverage starting next spring. But will everyone take advantage of the benefit?

What happened to the factories in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood?

Jan 17, 2012
Fred Rogers' "How Things are Made" videos are a nostalgic look back at U.S. factories -- as we churned out toys, crayons, and clothes. Do any of those companies still operate?