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Housing affordability continues to worsen for many Americans

Jul 19, 2022
Home prices are at record levels, and mortgage rates are much higher now than they were six months ago.
Fewer homes are being built these days — especially in the price range of first-time buyers.
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The "hungriest summer": Food banks say food insecurity is rising again

Jul 18, 2022
Higher food prices and the loss of pandemic-era supports mean that not only are more families using food banks, they're visiting them more often, advocates say.
Staff and volunteers at the Hungry Monk food pantry prepare and distribute fruit and vegetables to local residents at their church in Queens, New York on March 26, 2022.
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The U.S. housing shortage has doubled in less than a decade, report finds

Jul 15, 2022
A big part of the problem? A lack of new construction and municipal zoning laws that discourage or prohibit multifamily homes.
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It will take 132 years to achieve global gender parity, World Economic Forum report finds

Jul 14, 2022
That's a significant increase from the pre-pandemic estimate of 100 years. The pandemic worsened existing political, economic, educational and health inequalities between men and women.
The World Economic Forum added another 32 years to the century-long timetable it says it will take to reach gender parity.
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Signs of a cooling housing market: The return of contract contingencies

Jul 13, 2022
Potential buyers are again asking for home inspections and contract clauses that let them back out of a home purchase without penalty if they're unable to get a mortgage.
The contingencies allow prospective home buyers to back out of a sale.
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Major credit bureaus are changing how they report unpaid medical bills

Jul 12, 2022
A new policy could soften medical debt's impact on consumers' credit reports and credit scores.
In many bases, the balance of unpaid medical debt is no more than $500. Starting next year, those balances won't be on credit reports.
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Hot jobs market is showing some cool spots, staffing agencies say

Jul 7, 2022
There are still almost two jobs open for every person looking for work, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this week.
In some industries, the job market is showing signs of cooling. In others, the market is still hot.
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School lunches aren't free to everyone anymore. Some advocates think they should be.

Jun 30, 2022
There are a lot of benefits to making school lunch and other social benefits more universal. But, yes, it's expensive to do.
Despite the popularity of universal free lunches during the pandemic, lawmakers allowed the program to expire.
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American is ending service at 4 airports as airlines scramble to hire staff

Jun 22, 2022
The carrier is canceling regional routes in Ohio, New York and Iowa. Losing an airline can be tough on a city and its economy.
Early in the pandemic, airlines offered pilots early retirement, "and now they're finding themselves short-staffed," said David Slotnick of The Points Guy website.
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The housing market is finally starting to cool off

Jun 16, 2022
Mortgage rates are up. Realtors are being laid off.
High mortgage rates means reduces the pool of potential homebuyers. Fewer buyers could mean houses are on the market longer, which could prompt sellers to reduce prices.
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