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Rowan Moore Gerety

Latest Stories (15)

The economics of winning an Olympics

Sep 6, 2013
Does a bidding country’s economy factor into whether it gets to host the Olympic games?

Syria weighs on economic focus of G-20 summit

Sep 4, 2013
The meeting of the world's top 20 economies has a broad agenda for addressing global economic concerns, but Syria looms as a point of tension between the U.S. and Russia, the conference's host.

'Heart Check' healthy soups really aren't that healthy

Aug 29, 2013
Campbell's is the subject of a class action lawsuit alleging its "Heart Check" soups mislead consumers.

Giving tenants a fighting chance against evictions

Aug 9, 2013
A pilot program in California is testing the idea that providing free counsel to poor tenants could actually save taxpayers money.

Ebony woodcarvers learn to craft machine parts

Oct 3, 2011
In Mozambique, it's hard to find spare parts for today's technology. So artists use African blackwood to fix everything from espresso makers to cars.