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Rob Walker

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The dog ate my paycheck

Dec 15, 2011
Commentator Rob Walker with an omnivore's dilemma. He doesn't eat everything in sight... but his dog does.

What percent are you, really?

Nov 29, 2011
The Occupy Wall Street movement has rallied around the phrase "We are the 99 percent," but you might be surprised what you can earn and still fit that description.

Enough with being against Washington

Sep 30, 2011
Most Americans are not happy about what's going on in Washington. But commentator Rob Walker says playing the blame game isn't going to get us anywhere.

Early Adopters: Meet your match

Jul 22, 2011
Early Adopters are buzz creators. So, what do you call someone who squashes that buzz?

Like: No "dislike" button on Facebook

Jul 1, 2011
Commentator Rob Walker talks about why adding a "dislike" button to Facebook is the opposite of what Facebook is all about.

Using failure as a way to succeed

Jun 16, 2011
You can learn a lot from failure. But focusing solely on the act of failing doesn't tell the whole truth about success.

The ad spin

May 23, 2011
The way of the future: Better, more relevant ads for products consumers want. Or is it?

Disliking the Facebook 'dislike'

Mar 31, 2011
Facebook has a "like" button. Now users want to share their disapproval, too.