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Educating Rico: The car lot

Dec 29, 2006
Associate Producer Rico Gagliano is back with another installment of our series, Educating Rico. This time, our hero buys a used car. And he brakes for the bad news.

New home sales caveat

Dec 27, 2006
November's new home sales numbers are due out today. They're expected to be up slightly, but that might not mean much. Rico Gagliano explains.

Rebels without a Claus

Dec 25, 2006
Today marks the end of the season for Santa wanna-bes. You might be surprised to learn how many of them there are. Rico Gagliano found out at Santacon.

Job Files: Santa

Dec 22, 2006
In this special holiday installment, we take you to the North Pole to meet you know who . . .

Disney hits the pixie dust

Dec 21, 2006
CEO Bob Iger is putting Tinkerbell in the limelight with a makeover — and a voice. How does Mickey Mouse feel about all this? The Marketplace Players wondered, too.

Where the 'jet-set gypsies' sleep

Dec 20, 2006
Rico Gagliano spent the night with travelers for whom rock-bottom cheap is the bottom line.

Russo's faux pas

Nov 30, 2006
Patricia Russo says she won't learn French. Which wouldn't be a problem — except that Friday she becomes the only American CEO of a blue-chip French company. The Marketplace Players offer a lesson in cultural sensitivity. . .

Free candy in every pot

Nov 6, 2006
Or demon propaganda. Election ads for those controversial state propositions can be confusing, and, well, perhaps excessive in their descriptions. The Marketplace Players demonstrate . . .

It's beginning to look like a Lego-less Christmas . . .

Oct 31, 2006
Lego announced today that some of its hottest products are sold out — and there may not be more in time for the holidays. The Marketplace Players remind us that you don't mess with Santa.

Putting golf out to pasture

Oct 6, 2006
Among cows and barbed-wire fences in farmers' fields, tens of thousands of people are taking to a game called "Farmer's Golf." Rico Gagliano traveled to The Netherlands to learn the origins and secrets of the game.