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Trump’s promises have some coal miners optimistic — so they’re staying in the industry

Dec 27, 2017
While some coal miners continue looking for work in the industry, others look to careers outside of coal for more stability.
Low natural gas prices will likely continue to keep the coal market weak. Above, a coal mound in Shelbiana, Kentucky.
Photo by Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

Explosion heat up concerns over gas pipelines

Jul 5, 2016
A recent Pennsylvania gas explosion has raised questions about safety
Investigators on the scene of an April 29, 2016 Pipeline Explosion that badly burned a 26-year-old man in Salem Township, Pennsylvania.

Inside a huge air pollution scrubbing unit

Feb 11, 2016
The Homer City Generating Station burns 16,000 tons of coal per day
The Homer City Generating Station in Indiana County, Pennsylvania is installing pollution controls designed to reduce dangerous emissions of sulfur dioxide and mercury by more than 90 percent.
Reid Frazier

As funding drops, scientists turn to the crowd

Jan 1, 2015
Crowdfunding comes to the research lab, and websites spring up to vet projects.

Dirty 'frackwater' could yield lots of green

Nov 12, 2014
The market for cleaning up the briny waste water is likely to grow dramatically.

Chemical and plastics industries love fracking

Nov 29, 2013
Cheap natural gas has made the U.S. one of the cheapest places to make plastics.