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Hayward tells BBC that BP was making it up day-to-day

Nov 9, 2010
Tony Hayward, former Chief Executive of BP, has been speaking to the BBC about the details of BP's actions during the Gulf oil spill.

Britain and France to share military costs

Nov 2, 2010
Despite a torrid history, Britain and France agree to sign a treaty to share their military costs.

Business travelers boost airline profits

Oct 29, 2010
During the recession, businesses tightened their wallets, and business travel fell dramatically, hitting the airline industry.

New Zealand protests to keep "The Hobbit"

Oct 25, 2010
Thousands of New Zealanders have taken to the streets to demand that two films in the "Hobbit" franchise continue filming in New Zealand.

Britain high courts rule in favor of pre-nup

Oct 20, 2010
Prenuptial agreements may be common in the U.S. and most European countries. But in the U.K., the law has practically ignored them up -- until today. Britain's Supreme Court has validated the pre-nup for the first time.

Clinton frets over U.K. defense cuts

Oct 15, 2010
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is worried about expected cuts to Britain's defense budget. She told the BBC that all NATO countries must make appropriate contributions.

Public spending cuts hurt private sector

Oct 13, 2010
Many European governments, including the U.K., have been looking to reduce public spending. That would include many government job losses, but a report today warns about a knock-on effect in the private sector that would see up to half-a-million jobs being lost.

A floating brewery?

Oct 12, 2010
Water is expected to become an increasingly scarce commodity over the next couple of decades. And industries which rely heavily on water are starting to look for ways of adapting their businesses accordingly. Now, one beer company has come up with the idea of a floating brewery.

BlackBerry maker RIM, UAE reach deal

Oct 8, 2010
The threat of a BlackBerry ban in the United Arab Emirates has been hanging over the smartphone's maker since the summer. The UAE government said it had security concerns because the Blackberry couldn't be cracked. But it's now agreed a deal with Blackberry maker RIM.

EU may fine countries for overspending

Sep 29, 2010
As labor strikes are being staged across Europe, the European Commission is announcing plans to stop European countries from overspending. Governments that borrow too much money will be hit with fines.