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Peter van Dyk

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High demand for Russian Internet search company stock

May 25, 2011
Shares in the Russian Internet search company Yandex shot up today. In the company's IPO yesterday, demand for shares was 17 times the number available.

Russia pushes ahead with nuclear expansion plans

May 20, 2011
While other countries pause to reconsider nuclear power in the wake of the disaster at Fukushima, Russia is forging ahead with its expansion plans, both at home and abroad.

Putin pledges $52 bil. to boost births

Apr 21, 2011
The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised to increase Russia's flagging birthrate by 30 percent, as Peter Van Dyk explains.

Russia looks to beef up its cattle industry

Mar 25, 2011
Russians eat less than half as much beef as Americans. But a Montana rancher is trying to rope in more business by setting up shop in Russia.