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Can Phoenix un-suburbanize?

Jan 17, 2014
A Phoenix developer says new plans could bridge high-rise downtown and the Latino barrio of Grant Park.

Don't have a credit history? Utility bills could soon help

Nov 12, 2013
Congress is considering a bill, the Credit Access and Inclusion Act, that would make it easier for nontraditional borrowers to build a credit history.

Hotels seek added revenue in service fees

Aug 21, 2013
Following the huge financial windfall of airline fees, hotels and resorts are now charging fees for things that used to be free.

Costa Rica retirement not always tropical paradise

May 31, 2013
Americans retirees are drawn to Costa Rica's biodiversity, political stability, and cheap health care.

On tax forms, Arizonans must report out-of-state purchases

Mar 16, 2012
A new line on Arizona's tax return is asking people how much shopping they've done out of state. The idea was to recoup millions in lost revenue from online retailers.

Filling warehouse space in a down economy

Dec 27, 2011
Warehouses built in some parts of Arizona are unable to find the proper tenants, and are instead looking to alternative businesses to help fill their spaces.

Risky business: Leaving Guatemala

Dec 19, 2011
Guatemalan workers deported three years ago debate whether to return to the United States.

Arizona State janitors swept up by recession

Aug 23, 2011
A look at the ASU community after budget cuts forced out most of the university's janitorial staff.

The post-divorce mortgage limbo

Jul 29, 2011
Signing divorce papers may mean your marriage is over, but not your mortgage. Many divorcees end up in financial limbo over the homes they shared with their spouses.

Mesa, Ariz., says some stores are too convenient for criminals

Jul 13, 2011
The Arizona city wants to cut crime at convenience stores by cutting hedges and clearing window obstructions. The new law would also require high-crime stores to install more cameras, lighting.