Paul Sullivan

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How Y2K turned Paul Sullivan's life upside down

Mar 26, 2015
His grandfather taught him how to save, spend, give and think about money

Pricing a child's plea for equine ownership

Nov 19, 2014
While it is expensive to buy and care for a horse, parents say the experience is worth it.

Leaving the comfort zone to learn computer code

Mar 24, 2014
A cadre of students determined to master software engineering, even in their 50s.

Planning for saving in the face of terminal illness

Nov 20, 2013
People who have terminal diseases are living longer.

Broken trust: A Ponzi scheme victim bounces back

Mar 21, 2012
After falling victim to Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford, Carol Lovil is getting her life back on track. But she worries she may never be able to trust anyone again.

Nailing a comeback

Mar 21, 2012
Connecticut contractor Peter Schneider is surviving the recession thanks to his hard-won skills, hard-working attitude, and a little bit of luck.

Waking up to financial realities in your 30s

Mar 25, 2011
Tess Vigeland talks to the New York Times' Paul Sullivan about the new set of financial responsibilities people in their thirties face.