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Mitchell Hartman

Senior Reporter


I am a staff reporter for Marketplace covering the economy, economic indicators, employment, labor and workforce.

What was your first job?

I had a job every summer during college running the receiving dock in a large sheet metal factory in North Jersey that made cans. My first job in journalism was as an editorial clerk at the Philadelphia Inquirer after graduating college in 1985.

What do you think is the hardest part of your job that no one knows?

Marketplace has among the tightest deadlines and the most demanding expectations for daily news stories of any national public radio newsroom IMHO.

What advice do you wish someone had given you before you started this career?

If you love your job, stick with it. If you're really good at something, keep doing it.

In your next life, what would your career be?

Bodhisattva (in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, a being on the brink of enlightenment who could end the cycle of rebirth and gain nirvana but chooses to return out of compassion for other beings). Seriously, if I came back in a next life, it would confirm this teaching and I would care more about being in harmony with the universe than having another career. If I had to choose a career (and just be a bodhisattva on the side, I guess), I'd be a public radio reporter again.

Fill in the blank: Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you ______.


What is something that everyone should own, no matter how much it costs?

Health insurance.

What’s something that you thought you knew but later found out you were wrong about?

Being a parent would constrain my choices and box me in. It did, but I didn't care.

What’s your most memorable Marketplace moment?

Emceeing a Sotheby's auction of literary memorabilia from the Beat Generation — I sold Jack Kerouac's last shot glass for high six figures. (As David Brancaccio was oft-required to say on air after segments like this: “It was a joke!”)

What’s the favorite item in your workspace and why?

Eve Epstein, my former editor and now office mate in the Marketplace Portland bureau at All Classical Portland.

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Jan 23, 2009
With the economy in a tailspin, many stay-at-home moms are starting businesses to help support their families. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports on these so-called "mompreneurs."

Mid-tier banks face their own troubles

Jan 22, 2009
Megabanks like JP Morgan and Citigroup make headlines for their losses, but smaller and mid-tier banks are suffering as well. But Mitchell Hartman explains how the troubles of these banks may differ.

Income-tax relief could help business

Jan 21, 2009
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will ask for some mercy for businesses today in the form of income-tax relief. This would help businesses get out of their debt and spend again. Mitchell Hartman explains how it works.

Venture capital funds slimming down

Jan 20, 2009
Venture capital fundraising was down significantly in 2008 from the year before, and the trend is expected to continue into the new year. Part of the problem is money tied up in other start-ups. Mitchell Hartman reports.

Where small business wants stimulus

Jan 16, 2009
Small business advocates have been lobbying to get a piece of Obama's stimulus plan. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman explores where some of the bailout money could go specifically to directly benefit small businesses.

Will other big banks need more help?

Jan 15, 2009
With Bank of America seeking more TARP money to ease acquisitions of smaller competitors, can we expect banks such as J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo to request more bailout funds as well? Mitchell Hartman reports.

Inventories drop as sales plummet

Jan 14, 2009
The Commerce Department says business inventories were down for a third straight month in November. Businesses put orders on hold as sales continued a downward spiral. Mitchell Hartman reports.

Small business owners still optimistic

Jan 13, 2009
In a survey out by the National Small Business Association, many members expect deteriorating sales and job cuts. Still, there's an undercurrent of tenacious optimism. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman explores why.

House takes up pay discrimination

Jan 9, 2009
The House is expected to pass a pair of civil rights bills today designed to give workers more power to sue over alleged pay discrimination. Mitchell Hartman explains why now is an important time for fairness law.

Buying the company when it's down

Jan 2, 2009
Investors looking for opportunity in a distressed market can find it in cheap company debt. But buyer beware: Something put that company into trouble to begin with, and it's wise to understand what. Mitchell Hartman reports.