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Melissa Kaplan

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Wheat bread beats white in sales, and it's no big wonder

Aug 3, 2010
Health-conscious consumers have been waiting for their day to reach a critical mass, and their wait may be over: For the first time in the history...

Transgenic salmon would be first genetically modified animal for consumption

Aug 2, 2010
The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing what a Massachusetts company is calling an "advanced hybrid" fish, a cross between Atlantic and...

Playlist: Do the GDP Shuffle

Jul 30, 2010
Slow growth, deflation and cargo. We know we're getting out of this econo-slump but why does it have to take so long? We didn't let it weigh us d...

Playlist: What's Up? Everything.

Jul 29, 2010
Posted by Melissa Kaplan For Marketplace Morning Report, Thursday, July 29, 2010 From home foreclosures to Shell profits to Chinese pollution, ...

Goldman Sachs to employees: Watch your e-words

Jul 29, 2010
After a string of congressional hearings put Goldman Sachs's e-mails under intense scrutiny, the firm has decided it would rather put its foot down...

A perfect formula for a successful handshake

Jul 28, 2010
This morning we aired a piece on the power of the handshake, a ritual of business culture that can make or break a future associate's impression of...

Playlist: Loopholes and whistle-blowers

Jul 27, 2010
Posted by Melissa Kaplan For Marketplace Morning Report, Tuesday, July 27, 2010 D.C. is buzzing with regulators poking through financial reform...

Ask a search engine, get a person

Jul 27, 2010
When a website wants to gain a competitive edge, more technology is a common solution. But not for; the sixth most popular search engine,...

Playlist: Songs for a Wayward Hayward

Jul 26, 2010
Posted by Melissa Kaplan For Marketplace Morning Report, Monday, July 26, 2010 BP CEO Tony Hayward is on the outs, and that's gotta be a bummer...