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Why Tesla is opening its charging network to other EVs

Feb 15, 2023
Federal subsidies, part of the White House's electric vehicle push, aren't the only way Tesla stands to make money on the expansion.
The White House is providing subsidies to Tesla to charge other makers' vehicles, potentially generating multiple income streams for the carmaker.
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Here's what to look for in the latest consumer price index

Feb 13, 2023
CPI looked like it was heading in the right direction — that of lower inflation — at the end of 2022. Is that trend going to continue?
While goods may be getting cheaper, prices for services like hotels and rental cars are still getting pricier.
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As search engines race to incorporate ChatGPT technology, where does that leave digital advertisers?

Feb 7, 2023
Microsoft's latest version of Bing includes answers generated by ChatGPT tech. Here's what that could mean for sponsored links and content publishers.
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What happens when your streaming show gets "disappeared"?

Feb 6, 2023
Dozens of original shows and films have been erased from streaming platforms. Some companies can receive tax breaks by nixing content.
The cast of the HBO Max series "Gordita Chronicles" in June. Despite positive reviews, the show was canceled and eventually removed from the streaming platform.
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Without the range and the rumble, Harley-Davidson finds e-motorcycles a hard sell

Feb 3, 2023
The company's global shipments were up 18% in the fourth quarter. But revenue at LiveWire, its electric motorcycle business, was down 28%.
True Harley lovers find the LiveWire too quiet. "They want it to make that noise when they’re coming down the road,” says Casey Harrold, marketing manager at the Tobacco Road Harley-Davidson dealership in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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How fast-food chains are buffeted and buoyed by inflation

Feb 2, 2023
Many have higher expenses and are raising prices, but more consumers now have a taste for their relatively inexpensive meals.
Sales at fast-food chain Subway surged last year. But it’s by no means boom times for the industry.
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Rents are way up. How are landlords picking the price?

Jan 25, 2023
The national median rent has risen over 20% since 2020, according to Apartment List. And the use of pricing algorithms used by some of the nation's biggest corporate landlords might be playing a role.
While smaller landlords still usually look at comparable units for determining prices, bigger corporate landlords use algorithms.
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The company is under scrutiny following last year's debacle involving problems with Taylor Swift tickets.
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Helium's been rising — in price — and it's bringing businesses down

Jan 19, 2023
High helium prices, driven by shortages, played a role in Party City's bankruptcy. Here's what it means for businesses that rely on balloons.
Party City recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with the high cost of helium partly to blame.
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Young adults are driving a boom in household growth

Jan 18, 2023
A growing proportion of the housing market is being taken over by millennials, according to new data.
The housing market is becoming increasingly flush with younger buyers, many of them millennials, according to new housing data.
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