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Mary Dooe is a former associate producer for Marketplace.

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Consumed: The #longreads reading list

Jun 12, 2013
Didn't get enough of our coverage of the consumer economy? Here's a list of books and articles our reporters and producers went to to get answers about how and why we spend.
Kids aren't the only ones with summer reading lists.
Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Worth It or Not? Create a poll and find out

Jun 10, 2013
From cameras to houses to children, it can be hard to know if we are making the best choices with our money when we buy things. Our new poll game helps you decide: is it worth it? Find out how to use it.

Can we afford the consumer economy?

Jun 7, 2013
Marketplace will spend a week looking at all aspects of the consumer economy -- from businesses to workers to shoppers -- and ask: Can we keep going at this rate?
Host Kai Ryssdal heads out on a shopping trip to help uncover problems with the consumer economy as we know it today.
Kenneth Brown/Marketplace