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Top Wilbur Ross aide played a role in trade deal while on the board of shipping firm tied to Russia

Nov 6, 2017
The agreement with China will increase U.S. exports of liquid natural gas. Navigator Holdings, which could gain from increased drilling, has a business partnership with a Russian-owned firm and is partially owned by Ross via an offshore investment fund. For…
Navigator Ceres, a liquefied petroleum gas ship owned by Navigator Holdings Ltd., in Brevik, Norway, in March 2016.
Tomas Østberg-Jacobsen

5 things you need to know about the Federal Reserve

Nov 3, 2017
The Fed does more than just set interest rates.
Alot of decisions about your financial life are made in the Federal Reserve building.

U.S. hiring jumps after hurricanes as employers add 261,000 jobs

Nov 3, 2017
The unemployment rate declined to 4.1 percent, the lowest in nearly 17 years.
A job fair in Phoenix, Arizona.
Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Spider silk, the newest fabric for military uniforms

Oct 31, 2017
The silky strands made by spiders are strong and supple. Now, scientists in Michigan are using genetic engineering to reproduce spider silk for a wide range of uses, including military uniforms.
These silk threads are mass produced by silkworms but based on the protein a spider uses to spin its web.
Photo Courtesy of Kraig Biocraft Laboratories

Do farmed Atlantic salmon have a future on the West Coast?

Oct 30, 2017
Fish farm break: 150,000 Atlantic salmon escaped into Washington state's Puget Sound in August. Now comes the fallout.
Kurt Beardslee, of the Wild Fish Conservancy, wants to end fish farming in Puget Sound.
Eilis O'Neill/ for Marketplace

5 things you need to know about 401(k)s

Oct 27, 2017
The award-winning author of "Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich," tells us what we need to know about the popular retirement savings account.

As neighborhoods gentrify, how do you help residents stay in place?

Oct 27, 2017
Atlanta tax fund seeks to prevent displacement of residents as neighborhood changes.
Cities looking to stop displacement in gentrifying neighborhoods often try to protect longtime homeowners from rising property taxes. John Ahmann, head of a nonprofit in Atlanta, stands in the English Avenue neighborhood, where homeowners will receive property tax relief next year.
Stephannie Stokes/ for Marketplace

Senate GOP votes to repeal consumer rule

Oct 25, 2017
The rule that would have allowed consumers to join together to sue their bank or credit card company to resolve financial disputes.
Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

How a Salvadoran theater is giving women a second chance at life

Oct 20, 2017
At La Cachada Teatro, 5 single mothers from violent neighborhoods tell their stories.
Wendy Hernández, right, from La Cachada Teatro, with her daughter Gabi in San Salvador.
Deepa Fernandes

After Hurricane Irma, an effort to lure tourist business back to the Florida Keys

Oct 20, 2017
In the Florida Keys, tourism promoters and government officials want visitors to return. But some locals say money should be spent on the basics for permanent residents first.
Most visitors reach Key West by driving down U.S. 1 — since Hurricane Irma, that has meant the once-scenic highway is now lined with debris piles like this one on Ramrod Key.
Nancy Klingener/ for Marketplace