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Google's making money

Apr 20, 2007
A whole lot of money. Its Q1 profit jumped a jaw-dropping 69 percent. Online advertising continues to produce pretty much all the profits, and the search giant is positioning itself to keep 'em coming.

Sallie Mae says yes

Apr 16, 2007
Student loan giant Sallie Mae has agreed to a $25 billion buyout. Shareholders still have to approve the deal, but there's already resistance in Washington where lawmakers are concerned about the industry becoming even less transparent.

The death of Internet radio?

Mar 7, 2007
Online radio stations are facing a hefty hike in the royalties they pay to record labels for streaming music. If a federal copyright panel's ruling stands, it could wipe out smaller companies in one retroactive, fell swoop.

A victim of its own success?

Feb 1, 2007
Google's fourth quarter earnings came out yesterday. They nearly tripled to exceed $1 billion for the first time ever. That was even better than analysts expected, so why'd the stock drop overnight?

Democrats take on drug pricing

Jan 12, 2007
The new Congress will revisit the Medicare drug plan — specifically the item in the original bill that keeps government from negotiating lower drug prices for seniors.

US Airways wants Delta

Nov 15, 2006
News of a major buyout offer in the airline industry this morning: US Airways has offered $8 billion for Delta.