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Puerto Rico's school system braces for change: closures and charters

Apr 26, 2018
Government officials plan to close over 280 public schools, combine resources and introduce charter schools and a private school voucher program to the island.
Second grade teacher Pierette Hidalgo leads students and parents in a chant during a school closing protest at Escuela Elemental John F. Kennedy in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico on April 17, 2018. The school is one of 283 schools slated to be close on the island following population declines.
Peter Balonon-Rosen/Marketplace

What happens when you sue the federal government ... and win

Apr 6, 2018
...and what the decision could mean for immigration policy.

People would give up 2.5 days of pay rather than itemize deductions

Apr 6, 2018
People take the standardized deduction when they could get a bigger refund if they itemized.

Why a trade war can't be won

Mar 30, 2018
..and why so many countries stand to lose.

An end to bypassing China's great firewall?

Mar 30, 2018
Ever thought of a life without access to Twitter, Facebook or even Google? For years, residents in China have used virtual private networks, or VPNs, to bypass the government’s strict regulation on internet usage. Recently however, the Chinese government has announced a crackdown on its citizens’ use of VPNs and is closing a lot of […]

Indigenous communities are hit hard in American's most expensive cities

Mar 30, 2018
Look at any list of the most expensive places to live in the United States, and San Francisco and the Bay Area are almost always near the top. With 3.7 million Native Americans living in urban areas, the high cost of living is changing the lives of many. High Country News reporter Julian Brave NoiseCat […]

After Hurricane Maria, some good news for Puerto Rico

Mar 16, 2018
Six months ago, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. According to the official death toll, 64 people lost their lives, but other counts put the total closer to 1,000. The storm also knocked out power and destroyed homes. Thousands of people left the island but others stayed. Michelle Rodriguez is one of them. She’s […]

The last American keg company says tariffs come with unintended consequences

Mar 16, 2018
"As the import steel goes up in cost so does the domestic steel," Paul Czachor, CEO of American Keg Co. told us.
The American Keg Co. is the last company in the U.S. making stainless steel kegs using only American steel.
Courtesy American Keg Co.

Puerto Rico's search for investors amid disaster recovery

Feb 23, 2018
The government estimates an 11 percent drop in the economy next year.
Department of Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Manuel Laboy, left, speaks onstage during the Pathway to the Future: Opportunities of an Economic Transformation Forum at PlayStation Theater on Feb. 15 in New York City. Top Puerto Rico government officials announced that Puerto Rico is open for business.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images of Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development & Commerce

How much do gun-related injuries cost U.S. hospitals?

Feb 23, 2018
When people wind up in an emergency room, it adds up to about $100,000 per person.