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Why your online memories are massive energy guzzlers

Apr 26, 2016
The hunt is on for data storage centers which use energy more efficiently
Aligned Energy developed a cooling system called “conductive cooling.” In this process, a heat sink removes heat directly at the rack or aisle, drawing hot air from servers and passing it across coils chilled by refrigerant. Cool air comes out the other side. 
Lauren Silverman/KERA

Using data to predict child abuse

Apr 14, 2016
Texas doctors are using predictive data to pre-empt child abuse before it happens
Cook Children’s Medical Center is using predictive analytics to locate potential cases of child abuse.
Cook Children’s Medical Center

Study says patients can manage complex care at home — and cut costs

Mar 21, 2016
This study found that home care by patients saved millions and freed hospital beds
Warren J. Smith holds up his arm to show where he had an IV to administer antibiotics.
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The cure for a doctor shortage: primary care and teamwork

Jan 21, 2016
The key isn’t how many doctors you churn out, it’s what kind.

Texas company dresses up fruitcake with pecans

Dec 18, 2015
A fruitcake makeover for a product with a long history

Got an invention? Head to your regional patent office

Nov 30, 2015
Fighting backlog, the US Patent office hopes regional offices will cut down wait.

Cities are vying to land data center projects

Oct 23, 2015
Dallas-FortWorth offers low cost of power, low taxation and central location

Keeping medical IV’s safe

Sep 16, 2015
'The battle is that technology moves a lot faster than the agencies do.'

Developers look to create disability apps

Jul 22, 2015
Tech engineers are testing new ideas with the disabled community in mind.

The race to connect old cars to the Internet

Jul 9, 2015
Apps for your car can calculate mileage, or monitor your teen's driving.