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Kristofor Husted

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Farm workers face shortage of decent, affordable homes

Feb 4, 2016
About three-quarters of hired crop workers work within 75 miles from home.
Former migrant farmworker Angel Castro stands in front of a trailer where he used to live, in a neighborhood that still houses many immigrant farmworkers.
Kristofor Husted

Holidays put the bow on the gift-wrapping industry

Dec 23, 2015
In the U.S., gift wrap accounts for $3.2 billion a year in retail sales.
What kinds of gifts did you ask for or register for?
Kristofor Husted

Billboards surprise motorists with art instead of ads

Feb 16, 2015
Artists hope the signs spur conversations about social and political issues.

The country club-ization of college living

Aug 13, 2013
With classes starting soon, college students are heading back to campus. But you might not recognize where they are living. In fact, you might be jealous.

Rural doctors slow to adopt electronic medical records

Apr 3, 2013
The federal government wants every doctor to have electronic records by 2015. But the high cost prevents some rural physicians from moving away from paper records.