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Kimberly Adams is Marketplace’s senior Washington correspondent and the co-host of the Marketplace podcast, “Make Me Smart.” She regularly hosts other Marketplace programs, and reports from the nation’s capital on the way politics, technology, and economics show up in our everyday lives. Her reporting focuses on empowering listeners with the tools they need to more deeply engage with society and our democracy.

Adams is also the host and editor of APM’s "Call to Mind", a series of programs airing on public radio stations nationwide aimed at changing the national conversation about mental health.

Previously, Kimberly was a foreign correspondent based in Cairo, Egypt, reporting on the political, social, and economic upheaval following the Arab Spring for news organizations around the world. She has received awards for her work from the National Press Club, the National Association of Black Journalists, the Religion Communicators Council, and the Association for Women in Communication.

Latest Stories (854)

Egypt's interim government faces tough economic issues

Jul 4, 2013
Egypt has sworn in an interim president, but it's not clear how much time the public will give him to solve the country's ongoing economic problems.

Markets spike on Egypt's sharp turn

Jul 4, 2013
Markets in Egypt rose so quickly this morning officials had to temporarily suspend trading.

Post-revolution Egypt: Not much better and about to get worse for the poor

Jun 7, 2013
The economic downtown that followed Egypt's uprising continues to make difficult circumstances even worse for the country's poor.