Kai Ryssdal

Host and senior editor


I speak my native tongue into a microphone.

What was your first job?

Lifeguard. (Well, that and mowing lawns.)

What do you think is the hardest part of your job that no one knows?

Staying calm.

What advice do you wish someone had given you before you started this career?

Don't think — just talk.

In your next life, what would your career be?

Helicopter pilot.

Latest Stories (5,131)

Ben Bernanke, meet the ghost of Alan Greenspan

Jun 7, 2006
New Fed chief Ben Bernanke has been getting some heat lately for sending Wall Street on a wild ride. Down, mostly. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to James Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer to put it in perspective.

Creating a new General Motors

Jun 6, 2006
GM shareholders approved two reform proposals today — a first — but the company isn't obligated to listen. So what do the votes mean? Host Kai Ryssdal asks around.

Corn ethanol better for politicians than environment

Jun 5, 2006
Detroit has been bragging about its adoption of ethanol as an alternative fuel. But, as Los Angeles Times auto critic Dan Neil tells host Kai Ryssdal, corn-based fuel isn't all that efficient.

Rents on the rise

Jun 2, 2006
What you need to know today about rising rents.

The Plan: We each get $10,000 a year

Jun 2, 2006
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid funding adds up to 9% of the US gross domestic product. More than <nobr>$1 trillion</nobr> a year. Some economists say that'll rise to 30% by 2050. Author Charles Murray says he has a better plan…

Can Chavez pump up OPEC support?

May 31, 2006
Venezuela's outspoken President Hugo Chavez wants to cut back on oil production and send prices even higher. Will he get what he wants from OPEC ministers in Caracas? Host Kai Ryssdal talks to professor Carol Wise.

Refilling the role of Juan Valdez

May 31, 2006
The actor who played Juan Valdez, the iconic figure of Colombian coffee, has retired. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to branding consultant David Altschul about what's been involved in the search for a replacement.

From CEO to secretary . . . Why?

May 30, 2006
Why would Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson leave the nation's most prestigious investment bank to replace John Snow as Treasury secretary? Fortune's Patty Sellers talks with host Kai Ryssdal about possible reasons.

Burying a dead end job

May 26, 2006
There's an old work saying that goes something like this: The grass is always greener in your neighbor's cubicle. When do you know it's time to find a better job? Career expert Michael Laskoff joins Kai for a conversation.…

AARP's new gig

May 26, 2006
The AARP is a familiar name in the retirement business. Now it has tossed its hat into the mutual fund ring. Kai talks with Wall Street Journal reporter Ian McDonald.