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Jill Schlesinger

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Congress could settle on a two month extension

Dec 16, 2011
Long-term budget issues in Washington are yet to be resolved, but it is likely that leaders will settle on a temporary two month extension of the payroll tax cuts.

Markets hoping that EU deal goes through as planned

Dec 9, 2011
The EU plan still has to be ratified, and if the deal collapses, it could hit everything from the stock markets to the job outlook for Americans.

EU RIP? Europe deal fractures union

Dec 9, 2011
A new fiscal pact leaves the U.K. and three other nations out in the cold, as European leaders scramble to convince investors that they have diffused the debt bomb at the European summit in Brussels

Unemployment rate drops to 8.6% in November

Dec 2, 2011
The unemployment rate hits its lowest level in two and a half years, but not all the numbers are so rosy.

November unemployment: Why the big drop?

Dec 2, 2011
The new jobs-added numbers were good, but they don't explain the big drop in the unemployment rate.

Ratings agencies not worried yet about super committee deal

Nov 18, 2011
We speak to Jill Schlesinger of CBS/Money watch about what the ratings agencies are expecting from the government's finances in the coming year.

Europe Nears Crisis: Weekend at Bernie's Redux

Oct 21, 2011
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have moved the goal post, again. Although they previously promised that Sund...

Jill Schlesinger: Retail therapy? Americans spend more but feel worse

Oct 14, 2011
My first boss once said to me: "Watch what they do and ignore what they say." He was referring to consumers, who despite telling pollsters that t...

Jill Schlesinger on retail sales and Occupy Wall Street

Oct 14, 2011
We hear from Jill Schlesinger about the good news in retail sales, and what Wall Street types are saying about the protesters.

Jill Schlesinger: Reason to smile today, but jobs crisis far from over

Oct 7, 2011
The September jobs report is out and it was better than last month, when I complained that President Obama blew it on jobs. The Labor Department ...