Jennifer Collins

Reporter, Marketplace


Jennifer Collins is a reporter for the Marketplace portfolio of programs.  She is based in Los Angeles, where she covers media, retail, the entertainment industry and the West Coast.

Collins joined Marketplace in 2007 as an assistant producer and spent an additional two-and-a-half years directing and producing Marketplace Morning Report.

Collins likes the challenge of preparing for an interview, the thrill of a good conversation and the pleasure of learning something new every day.

Prior to Marketplace, Collins reported for newspapers in Ore., Ala. and Cambodia.

Collins received her bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University and attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, receiving honors in radio. She speaks some Spanish, French, Khmer and Arabic.

A native of Samish Island, Wash., (where Collins drove a farming combine for three summers in high school, harvesting peas) she currently lives in Los Angeles where she can be found scrambling up hillsides and running through the streets, as well as showing movies in her backyard for her neighbors in Hollywood.

Latest Stories (316)

California farmers cope with drought

Apr 10, 2009
California farmers are struggling with the after-effects of a three-year drought and the lack of abundant water for their crops. But this could help create a more effective, conservative flow. Jennifer Collins reports.

Eco-Christians are wary of carbon sin

Apr 10, 2009
A group of Christians staying vigilant over their carbon footprint for Lent is just one example of what the religious sect is doing to stay conscious of their eco-impact. Jennifer Collins reports on the effectiveness of a carbon fast.

Masters not a hole in one this year

Apr 9, 2009
The normally lucrative Masters Golf Tournament hasn't been a sure-fire bet for profits this year. Companies that serve VIPs during the tournament are down. Jennifer Collins reports.

Kosher that's not just for food

Apr 7, 2009
As Passover begins, there is a movement in the Jewish community to expand the meaning of kosher beyond just food. Jennifer Collins reports.

Washingtonians sneaky to be squeaky

Apr 7, 2009
Residents of Spokane County, Washington are at odds with a county-wide ban on phosphates, which are bad for the environment but tough on grease in household products. Jennifer Collins explores the lengths some will go to get their dishes clean.

Final Four a good game for Detroit

Apr 6, 2009
Michigan State takes on North Carolina in the NCAA men's basketball finals tonight in Detroit. And even if Detroit doesn't win, the Final Four could be worth as much as $50 million to the city. Jennifer Collins reports.