Jed Kim



Jed Kim is a reporter for the Marketplace Sustainability Desk. He focuses on issues of climate change, conservation, energy and environmental justice.

Prior to joining Marketplace in April 2016, Jed was an environment reporter at KPCC public radio in Pasadena. Before that, he lived in New York, and learned to report at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Also while in New York, he worked on the HBO documentary "Birders: The Central Park Effect" and was a producer for WNYC’s "The Takeaway." Before that, he lived in Falls Church, Virginia, and San Diego — places where he tried to begin his radio career (and failed).

At one point in time, Jed lived in Chicago, where he was a laboratory manager and ruined the experiments of stressed-out grad students.

He was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio.  

Latest Stories (278)

How long you live depends on where you live, if you're poor

Apr 11, 2016
The rich tend to live 10+ years longer than the worst-off. Health choices matter.
A pedestrian crosses train tracks in Birmingham, Alabama. 
Mario Tama/Getty Images

A bot that takes your taco order at work

Apr 11, 2016
TacoBot, on the message service Slack, can settle arguments about lunch.
Slack is venturing into the food business through a union with Taco Bell.
Image via Taco Bell/YouTube

Where to store your millions in art, tax-free

Apr 8, 2016
Freeports help speed international trade. They also help art owners.
A gallery assistant at Christie's auction house adjusts a painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Many art lovers are using freeports (warehouses that hold international goods) to store purchases.
Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Happy Saudi cows eat California alfalfa

Apr 6, 2016
California may be in a drought, but it will export alfalfa to Saudi Arabia
Cows feeding on a farm.

Tesla previews a more affordable Tesla

Mar 31, 2016
The Model 3 isn't just for the wealthy, but the price is still high for some.
A look at Model 3 ordering day in Australia. 
Elon Musk/Twitter

How money gets burned

Mar 13, 2015
Hundreds of tons of shredded money are burned each year to generate electricity.

The food chain of rodenticide

Jan 20, 2014
Most people would be happy to get rid of rat problems, but that can lead to effects on other wildlife, too.

NHL hurt by second big lockout in a decade

Nov 20, 2012
Players and owners are expected to meet this morning to try and bring an end to the 66-day-old National Hockey League lockout. If they don't work things out and there's no season, it would be another setback for a sport…