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Jason Paur

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Boeing's Dreamliner come true

Jul 9, 2007
The sleek, new Boeing 787 Dreamliner made its first public appearance yesterday in Everett, Washington, but the event had an international flair befitting a plane built in several countries and bound for several foreign carriers. Jason Paur reports.

Good outlook for Vista sales

Mar 27, 2007
Turns out early forecasts calling for lackluster sales of Vista may have been off. Microsoft has released the first sales figures for its new operating system and they're not too shabby.

Small airlines fly under the merger radar

Dec 19, 2006
There's been plenty of talk about big airline mergers and takeovers lately — so why aren't legacy carriers going after the smaller, money-making airlines? Jason Paur reports.

Price tag for HIV meds: $620,000

Dec 1, 2006
The lifetime treatment cost for an AIDS patient has hit $620,000 — and that figure probably isn't going down anytime soon. Jason Paur reports.