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Janet Babin

Latest Stories (605)

A blow for ExpressJet

Dec 29, 2005
The regional airline operator is losing a quarter of the planes it operates for Continental as the legacy carrier tries to boost profits. Janet Babin reports.

How safe is nanotechnology?

Dec 2, 2005
A new Web site offers a clearinghouse of information for consumers concerned about the safety of nanotechnology. Janet Babin reports.

VOIP deadline

Nov 28, 2005
Today is the deadline for Voice-Over IP service providers to either provide 911 capability on their networks or stop taking new customers. Janet Babin reports.

Patent reform urged for genome technology

Nov 17, 2005
A National Academy of Science report out today calls for reforms in the US patent system to encourage development of genomic technology. Janet Babin reports.

MIT tracks students' wireless devices

Nov 7, 2005
MIT recently unveiled a campus-wide map that tracks the wireless devices of its students to, among other things, allow users to figure out where they can study in peace. From the Innovation Desk at WUNC, Janet Babin reports.