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Jana Kasperkevic is a digital reporter for Marketplace, based in the New York City bureau.
Prior to joining Marketplace, Jana was a business reporter at The Guardian where she covered the global economy, income inequality, personal finance and small business. Her work has appeared in Inc. Magazine, Houston Chronicle and The Village Voice, among others. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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What Russian cheese can tell us about the trade deficit

Mar 10, 2017
The U.S. buys more from China, Mexico and Russia than it sells. Here's a closer look at those relationships.
Russian customers buy cheese in Saint Petersburg on August 7, 2014. 
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The women's strike triggers two school district closures for the day

Mar 6, 2017
Administrators say the upcoming “A Day Without a Woman" event will cause a staffing shortage.
Women across the U.S. might join nation-wide strike on Wednesday and not go to work.
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After prank, Nestle donates 3,000 boxes of Hot Pockets to charity

Mar 3, 2017
It was a prank gone good. After a Craigslist prank falsely advertised 3,000 boxes of free Hot Pockets up for grabs, Nestle — the maker of the microwaveable snack — has said it would donate the advertised amount of boxes to Boston area food banks.   The ad, which appeared on Craigslist on Wednesday and […]

How should millennials lead in the workplace?

Mar 3, 2017
Many millennials are in management positions, but few receive proper training.
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Top U.S. gunmaker says sales will pick back up under Trump

Feb 23, 2017
Sturm Ruger CEO Michael Fifer says owning firearms is 'more socially acceptable.'
The proprietor of this Merrimack, New Hampshire, gun store said his October 2016 sales were double that of 2015, with customers expressing anxiety about the November election.