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IBM's Watson gets medical job

Sep 12, 2011
The supercomputer is going to work for WellPoint.

After filing bankruptcy, Solyndra is raided by the FBI

Sep 9, 2011
Solyndra, a solar company, was the great hope of moving forward on green job creation. Now, the firm has filed for bankruptcy and is under investigation by the government.

9/11's effect on tech

Sep 8, 2011
After September 11, the government poured billions into research that is changing our lives.

Michael Arrington Is Out at Tech Crunch

Sep 8, 2011
Arianna Huffington appears to have won the glorious, public, smack-down within AOL over Michael Arrington's plans to both write about startups at...

Patent Wars Create Mobile Opening for Microsoft

Sep 8, 2011
If you know you are going to get the tuna salad sued out of you by bringing an Android device to market - other operating systems start looking a...

The difference between Android and Windows: software patents

Sep 8, 2011
Apple isn't sitting on its hands in the mobile patent wars. It just sued Samsung in Japan.It's sued HTC. It's blocked the Samsung from selling its...

Patents Attack 2: Google's Revenge

Sep 8, 2011
HTC, a Taiwanese manufacturer, makes it money on low cost - high volume production. Kind of similar to Foxxconn, the Chinese company that makes...

Why Yahoo is struggling

Sep 7, 2011
The Internet company just isn't what it used to be -- mostly because that identity lacked focus.

Chinese environmentalists target Apple

Sep 1, 2011
The company is under fire for Asian suppliers who pollute.

Does America need more engineers?

Aug 31, 2011
High-tech companies have long complained that the U.S. doesn't educate enough engineers with advanced degrees for sophisticated technical work.