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Facebook privacy rules could cause ripples

Nov 14, 2011
The Federal Trade Commission steps up its rules on how companies write and change their privacy policies

Zynga wants employee shares back

Nov 10, 2011
Zynga could go public for as much as $20 billion later this year. But company founders reportedly regret handing out stock options and shares so freely in the beginning, and now the social gaming company is telling some employees to give those shares back or lose their jobs.

Latest 'Call of Duty' could be most lucrative video game ever

Nov 8, 2011
The eighth iteration of the popular video game is already one of the highest grossing entertainment franchises of all time.

Berlusconi breaks news on Facebook

Nov 7, 2011
Italy's prime minister uses his social network to trump traditional media.

Kodak earnings worse than expected

Nov 3, 2011
The legendary photography company may need to sell itself to survive.

Groupon goes public

Nov 3, 2011
Groupon Inc.'s IPO could be the biggest test yet of how private trading of shares of hot startups like Facebook Inc. before they go public may impact secondary private markets like SecondMarket and SharesPost.

Netflix stock takes another beating

Oct 25, 2011
And the stakes get higher in the battle for the streaming-video business.

Microsoft to go head-to-head with Apple in brick and mortar

Oct 20, 2011
Microsoft looks to expand its retail operations across the country.

Research in Motion tries to go after developers

Oct 18, 2011
In order to keep up with Apple and the iPhone, RIM and Blackberry will need to get developers on board.

iPhone 4S and Siri come to the masses

Oct 13, 2011
The iPhone 4s hits Apple stores tomorrow. And if you're one of those people who has a deep relationship with your phone, the 4s feels you. No...