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Fight against AIDS continues

May 30, 2006
After 25 years the spread of AIDS seems to be slowing. But 40 million people are infected with HIV, and unprecedented resources are being spent to keep fighting it. Helen Palmer reports.

Almost a great day for Merck

May 18, 2006
An FDA panel today approved Merck's vaccine to control human papillomavirus. The new drug could prevent cervical cancer and save 300,000 lives a year. But can it cure some of Merck's Vioxx headaches? Helen Palmer reports.

More health care isn't better health care

May 16, 2006
Almost a third of the money Medicare spends on chronically ill seniors is wasted, according to a new study out from Dartmouth Medical School. Helen Palmer tells us why.

Medicare spending

May 16, 2006
A new study out today finds nearly one-third of the money Medicare spends on chronically-ill seniors is wasted. Helen Palmer reports.

Who should get the vaccines?

May 11, 2006
If a bird flu pandemic hits, the vaccine is almost certain to be in short supply — and there's debate about who should get it. Helen Palmer reports.

Senate debates small-business health insurance

May 9, 2006
Senate Republicans are trying to change the nation's health insurance system to encourage small businesses to offer coverage. But Democrats are worried the bill may reduce coverage for millions who are already insured. Helen Palmer reports.

How you feelin'?

Apr 26, 2006
Research out today says even moderate-income Americans are getting priced out of decent health coverage. Helen Palmer reports.

A new prescription: recycling drugs

Mar 31, 2006
Thousands of dollars of prescription drugs are destroyed everyday because their intended patients don't use them. A new program to recycle these drugs is about to get a boost from the federal government. Lisa Ann Pinkerton reports.

The cost of mental health

Mar 30, 2006
Most managed healthcare plans don't include coverage for mental illness. But according to a new study, offering coverage for such afflictions results in little additional cost. Helen Palmer reports.

Possible heart danger from ADHD drugs

Mar 22, 2006
An FDA panel says drugs that control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder -- Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta -- could be dangerous to the heart. Some 4 million Americans take them. Helen Palmer reports.