Heidi Moore


Heidi N. Moore is The Guardian's U.S. finance and economics editor. She was formerly the New York bureau chief and Wall Street correspondent for Marketplace.

Prior to joining Marketplace, Moore was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, where she was the lead writer for the paper’s award-winning Deal Journal online and daily newspaper column during the height (and depths) of the world financial crisis. In addition, she wrote an analysis of banks and mergers and broke news of SEC investigations, big acquisitions, and Barclays Capital buying most of Lehman Brothers out of bankruptcy.  Before that, she was U.S. Bureau Chief for London-based, Dow Jones-owned weekly newspaper and daily website, Financial News. For six years, she was a senior writer covering Wall Street banks and power brokers for The Deal magazine.

Moore’s articles on Wall Street banks and finance have been published in The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Financial Times and Slate.

Moore is a graduate of Columbia University and a native New Yorker. In her free time, Moore enjoys running and traveling.

Latest Stories (229)

Why it takes so long for checks to clear

Feb 10, 2011
In an economy where more people are temporary employees or going the freelance route, checks are the way to pay people. But depositing that check doesn't mean instant money in the bank account.

JPMorgan Chase snared in Madoff lawsuit

Feb 4, 2011
Suit alleges JPMorgan bankers suspected fraud long before Madoff's arrest, raising questions about a bank's duty to sound the alarm on a client.

Big storms drive trade in snow derivatives

Feb 2, 2011
Snow derivatives started trading only two years ago -- and it's been snowing ever since.

Egypt downgraded by debt-rating agencies

Feb 1, 2011
S&P joins Moody's in downgrading Egypt, after similar moves for Tunisia. How costly a factor are ratings agencies in political change?

The differences between broker and investment advisor

Jan 28, 2011
Sometimes it's not exactly clear what the difference is between an investment advisor and a broker. The Securities and Exchange Commission is trying to remedy that.

State bankruptcy debate unsettles muni market

Jan 28, 2011
The debate over whether to let states declare bankruptcy adds a new element of uncertainty to the jittery municipal bond market.

Tale of two TARPs

Jan 27, 2011
Big banks have repaid government bailout funds and are profitable. But smaller banks that got TARP money face challenges.

The panic lurking in the municipal bond market

Jan 26, 2011
Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace New York bureau chief Heidi Moore about the current state of the municipal bond market.

Summer Reading: Heidi Moore

Jun 30, 2010
Cocaine, sex and power make for a juicy read. Reporter Heidi Moore shares her summer reading pick "Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man: A Memoir," which she says parallels the addictions to money and power on Wall Street that contributed to the financial crisis.