Gregory Warner

Reporter, Marketplace


Gregory Warner is a senior reporter for Marketplace, covering the business and economics of health care for the entire Marketplace portfolio. He’s taken on questions as varied as how drugs get named, how ineffective procedures become popular, and how politicians fuel a costly medical arms race.

Warner started at Marketplace in November of 2009. Previously, he freelanced radio stories from conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and DR Congo. Before becoming a radio reporter, he lived in New York working as an investigator of police brutality and a jazz pianist in a piano bar.

Warner’s favorite interviews are ones where he takes a journey with people. Recent examples include jogging with a homeless persons’ running club in Philadelphia, enduring ‘empathy training’ with call center reps in Ky., and undergoing fear-based alcoholism treatment in Moscow.

Warner holds a degree in English from Yale. In 2009, he was awarded Best News Feature from the Third Coast International Audio Festival for a Marketplace and Homelands Productions profile of a Congolese miner. He also has two Edward R. Murrow awards and awards from Associated Press, Sigma Delta Chi (from the Society for Professional Journalists), New York Festivals and PRNDI.

Warner was born in New York and currently resides in Philadelphia. In his free time, he enjoys biking, Werner Herzog films, and making up songs for his 8-month-old son.

Latest Stories (258)

State Farm drops policies to stay in Fla.

Feb 1, 2010
Florida is the riskiest state in the U.S. for a property insurance company for all the catastrophic weather. To stay active there, State Farm will be dumping thousands of its riskier policies. Gregory Warner reports.

Sorting through Apple's latest i-rumors

Jan 27, 2010
As with any Apple device, the new technology Steve Jobs is set to unveil is shrouded in mystery and steeped in rumor. Marketplace's Gregory Warner sorts through the hype and tells us what we might be able to expect.

GSK to fund film on emotional eating

Jan 22, 2010
Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline plans to fund a documentary about the hazards of mindless eating. Gregory Warner reports.

Union weighs health benefits, costs

Jan 21, 2010
When it comes to health care, do people value what they don't pay for? Gregory Warner reports on a union that had to face just that issue.

Data bundles will help lower cell plans

Jan 18, 2010
Soon after Verizon lowered the price of some of its wireless voice plans, AT&T followed suit with its own cuts. And experts expect cell plan prices to keep falling. Gregory Warner explains why.

Study: Health care is better in NOLA

Jan 15, 2010
According to a new study, New Orleaneans get more efficient and affordable health care than most American adults, and are saddled with less medical debt. Post-Katrina clinics better networking are partially responsible. Gregory Warner reports.

Pediatric specialists in short supply

Jan 13, 2010
A new health survey finds there aren't enough pediatric specialists in areas like orthopedics, oncology and rheumatology. The financial burden of Med school is partially to blame. Gregory Warner reports.

Why supporters want Cadillac care tax

Jan 11, 2010
President Obama wants to convince union leaders to support a tax on Cadillac health care plans, which are named after their massive premiums. Gregory Warner explores what supporters are hoping this tax would accomplish.

Costs cause health spending to slow

Jan 5, 2010
A report says health spending slowed in 2008, while the health care industry overall grew at its slowest rate in 50 years. Gregory Warner explores what kept many hospitals running.

Organic work aids fertilizer-free crops

Jan 4, 2010
Fertilizer is costly and scarce in Rwanda, and some farmers struggle to produce crops in the barren soil. But some are learning to overcome these conditions by using cost-effective organic techniques. Gregory Warner reports.