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With child tax credit payments coming, FDIC wants more people to use banks

Jul 14, 2021
A disproportionate number of Black and Latinx Americans don’t have bank accounts. Studies show they could be losing money.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is trying to reduce the proportion of Americans who lack accounts, leaving many to pay check-cashing fees.
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For workers in the funeral industry, an unprecedented year

Mar 2, 2021
A Houston funeral director describes the pain of seeing so many deaths, sometimes more than one in a family.
Business increased at Leal Funeral Home in the Houston area, along with distress.
Florian Martin

Toys R Us opens second store with a focus on experiences

Dec 25, 2019
The retailer hopes to gain a competitive edge by offering a unique customer experience in smaller stores.
Toys R Us opened its second experiential store in Houston’s Galleria mall.
Florian Martin

Despite domestic oil boom, some students in Texas are hesitant to enter the field

Mar 26, 2018
Some colleges are finding that students are not eager to enroll in oil and gas majors.
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