What have you always wondered about the economy? Tell Us

Erika Beras



I'm a reporter covering the economics of aging throughout the lifespan.

What was your first job?

I worked as a salesgirl and helium balloon inflator at a card store when I was 15.

In your next life, what would your career be?

A synchronized swimmer … an oral historian … or in all honesty, probably a journalist.

What is something that everyone should own, no matter how much it costs?

A good pair of shoes.

What’s the favorite item in your workspace and why?

I love textiles, fabrics and woven goods and always try to pick some up whenever I travel. I have a handful in and around my studio. They brighten up the space. Also, when I can no longer see them, I know it’s time to purge the piles of paper that just seem to accumulate.


Latest Stories (331)

Steel broke Pittsburgh’s heart once. It won’t happen again

Mar 2, 2018
The Trump administration’s decision to slap stiff tariffs on imported aluminum and steel won’t make much difference to Pittsburgh. Nearly all the steel jobs in the city now are behind a desk. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

Spending on Oscar ads is up

Mar 2, 2018
Why? Because it’s one of the few television shows advertisers are pretty sure all kinds of people will show up for. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

Monitor credit scores? You might wish you had if you don’t

Feb 26, 2018
Most people say they care about credit card security. They just don’t take time to deal with it before it’s too late. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

Does your dog really need "natural" food?

Feb 23, 2018
General Mills is set to pay $8 billion for pet food maker Blue Buffalo. That’s the company that markets, among other products, “farm-to-table canine cuisine.” Here’s what’s behind this deal — and why this market is so red hot. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

The resignation of a top White House aide has put domestic violence back in the spotlight

Feb 22, 2018
After the resignation of a top White House aide accused of domestic abuse, more victims are coming forward and seeking help. At the same time, nonprofits that provide services and shelters for victims of domestic violence are seeing an uptick in donations.   Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

Food assistance doesn't go far enough for most poor households

Feb 22, 2018
Four out of 10 households are unable to provide nutritious meals despite receiving maximum SNAP benefits, according to a new study from the Urban Institute.

Waiting out a down market may be tough for workers headed toward retirement

Feb 9, 2018
All that advice about taking a deep breath, focusing on the long term and not obsessing about the balance in your retirement accounts as the markets take a wild ride sounds a lot better when you’re not headed toward retirement soon. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

OK Wall Street, let me tell you how I really feel

Feb 6, 2018
Consumer and business confidence in the economy can play a big part in market volatility

High prices for crude give oil producers something to think about

Feb 2, 2018
Domestic production is at record levels and reducing the need for foreign imports

Whose economy is it anyway?

Jan 29, 2018
Booming stock markets and low unemployment aren't paying off for everyone