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Medicare, Social Security get annual checkup

Apr 23, 2012
A trustee report on the fiscal health of Medicare and Social Security will allow political parties to spin their message.

Runner calls attention to advertising ban

Apr 20, 2012
Olympic athlete Nick Symmonds wants runners to sport personal sponsorships. Meet officials fear angering event sponsors.

Fracking linked to more Midwest earthquakes

Apr 18, 2012
The U.S. Geological Survey says a "remarkable" increase of earthquakes in the U.S. mid-continent since 2001 is "almost certainly" the result of oil and gas production. How will these findings impact the fracking industry?

Fund for U.S. exporters gets Tea Party scrutiny

Apr 17, 2012
The Senate Banking Committee will decide whether to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which supports U.S. jobs through exports. But small government advocates say it's time to rethink the program.

Credit unions push for bigger loans to small biz

Apr 12, 2012
Credit unions have increased small business loans in recent years. Now they want Congress to raise the cap on these loans.

Red Lobster building huge aquafarm in Malaysia

Apr 9, 2012
The parent company of Red Lobster will create a 35-square-mile aquafarm to help keep its restaurants from running out of lobster.

Battle over morning viewers

Apr 6, 2012
Television’s bare-knuckle competition to rule the morning air is nothing new. But the networks upped the ante this week.

STOCK Act becomes law

Apr 4, 2012
Today President Obama will sign the STOCK Act -- short for “Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge.” It says Capitol Hill finally has to follow the same insider trading rules as everybody else.

Super Tuesday states face serious economic issues

Mar 2, 2012
The GOP candidates have focused on social issues. But in many of the ten Super Tuesday states like Ohio, voters may be more interested to hear their plans to solve some serious economic problems.