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Diantha is a senior editor based in New York.

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Lame duck Congress

Nov 9, 2006
Congress is due back in Washington next week to finish up business they set aside to campaign, like the billions in appropriations that still need to be approved. But that may have to wait, Diantha Parker reports.

House falling in on related industries

Nov 7, 2006
Two of the nation's top luxury home builders reported steep drops in quarterly earnings today — and builders aren't the only ones feeling the pinch. Diantha Parker reports.

Business travelers shy away from U.S.

Nov 7, 2006
A new report says tighter security measures have caused many business travelers to bypass America in favor of other countries. Diantha Parker looks at plans to woo them back.

Private newspapers

Oct 27, 2006
Several major metropolitan dailies are the subjects of private buyout offers by local businessmen. Is the trend a return of the newspaper industry to a gentlemen's business? Diantha Parker reports.

Out of style, out of profits

Oct 27, 2006
Remember the Timberland boot? The once-hip footwear has gone the way of all fads — and taken much of the company's profits with it. Diantha Parker reports.

Dreamliner needs to shed a few pounds

Oct 25, 2006
Boeing said today that its new 787 jets may cost more to make because of weight problems — the same issue behind the delay of archrival Airbus' A380 super-jumbo jets. Diantha Parker reports.

Go ahead and take the day off

Oct 24, 2006
Or at least take a long coffee break. A group that's trying to get work-crazed Americans to stop and smell the roses has declared today Take Back Your Time day. Diantha Parker reports.

Uninsured, cost-cutting hit HCA's profits

Oct 20, 2006
The Hospital Corporation of America reported a 14% drop in profits. It blamed increases in uninsured patients and the growth of outpatient care. Hospitals' revenue sources — such as hospital stays — are drying up. Diantha Parker reports.

Tigermania hits stores

Oct 20, 2006
The Detroit Tigers are in the World Series for the first time in 22 years. Diantha Parker looks at what it means for merchandisers.

Finally, blue skies for airlines

Oct 19, 2006
Southwest is expected to post healthy Q3 earnings today on the heels of rosy profits from American Airlines yesterday. Is this the long-awaited turnaround in the airline industry? Diantha Parker reports.