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Christina Huh

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Fashion in the time of recession

Jul 12, 2010
Frugal is the new black during the Great Recession, and that trend has dealt a harsh blow to the fashion industry. It is especially difficult fo...

'Sleeper House' on the auction block?

Jul 12, 2010
(Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Read: http://www.flickr.com/photos/runder/7148409/) The futuristic house featured in Woody Allen's 1973 movie "Slee...

No extra exposure in Asbury Park, N.J.

Jul 9, 2010
The Asbury Park City Council put the kibosh on a proposal to make Asbury Park a topless beach. MTV's "Jersey Shores" suggests that orange is the ...

The lux life goes underground

Jul 5, 2010
This recession has made terms like "recessionista" popular, but the way those pricey iPads and iPhones flew out the door, it's hard to say that...

MID-DAY UPDATE: Unemployment rate drops. Sounds good. It isn't.

Jul 2, 2010
The Mid-Day Update is a five-day-a-week podcast from the Marketplace Morning Report co-hosted by Bill Radke and Steve Chiotakis that wraps up the...

Not much love for Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Russia

Jul 2, 2010
The "Shrek" and "Ice Age" movies have big fans in Russia, one of the hottest international film markets, particularly for animated films. But "To...

Brazilian journalists feel restricted by World Cup press rules

Jun 30, 2010
Apparently in Brazil, it's not just the soccer players who are on the field. In the soccer-crazy country, reporters and photographers stand behin...

Kai's final note for today

Jun 30, 2010
A quick word on a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (PDF). Contrary to conventional wisdom, the CBO says our debt problems will be...

Donated to your alma mater yet?

Jun 11, 2010
If you went to college and you've ever wondered why your alma mater pesters you for donations each year, it's not just about the money. Even small...