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What California's new law means for garment workers and businesses

Nov 11, 2021
The law will guarantee an hourly wage for workers, but higher labor costs will put pressure on many small factories.
Garment worker Francisco Tzul has recently started working for a sewing contractor that pays an hourly wage rather than a piece rate.
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Are in-store grocery chain brands having a moment?

Nov 10, 2021
With inflation concerns, consumers are looking for bargains at the store. Currently, in-store meat brands are seeing a surge in consumer interest.
Consumers are paying more attention to in-store brands due to inflation.
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Deere union remains on strike, holding out for a better deal

Nov 5, 2021
Observers say inflation makes it harder to agree on a long-term contract.
In this aerial view,  construction and farming vehicles manufactured by John Deere sit in a yard at the John Deere Dubuque Works facility on Oct. 15, 2021 in Dubuque, Iowa. More than 10,000 John Deere employees nationwide, represented by the UAW, walked off the job in October after failing to agree to the terms of a new contract.
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California farmers say their crops are caught in the supply chain

Nov 4, 2021
Exports are delayed for key crops like walnuts, many of which are grown for overseas customers.
California farmers may have to sell crops domestically due to supply chain issues. Above, vehicles drive past farmland and a freight train near Pixley, California, in August.
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Stepping up the technology to find methane leaks

Nov 2, 2021
The EPA has proposed new limits on methane emissions from oil and natural gas facilities, which already leak more than the agency estimates.
The Environmental Protection Agency is calling for oil and gas companies to find and fix leaks of the greenhouse gas methane. The technology for doing so includes lasers and drones.
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Police unions push back on vaccine mandates

Nov 2, 2021
So far these mandate were local. But police officers in many states face coming federal vaccine requirements for public workers.
Chicago police officers and their supporters protest the department's vaccination policy outside of police headquarters on October 26, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. The city has started to place police officers on unpaid leave for refusing to comply with the city's requirements that they report their COVID-19 vaccination status. As of last week, only about 65 percent of the city's police have complied with the order.
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Do you really need to do holiday shopping early?

Nov 1, 2021
Retailers have their own reasons to get people to do their holiday shopping early. It's not all supply chain.
People wearing protective masks walk by holiday windows in New York City.
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Smoother sailing this winter for the cruise industry?

Oct 29, 2021
One key to cruise bookings is whether people can find good airfares and flights.
An aerial view from a drone shows Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Sea cruise ship docked at PortMiami on March 02, 2021 in Miami, Florida.
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Study finds tuition cost increases this year did not keep up with inflation

Oct 28, 2021
Colleges have struggled to retain enrollment in the pandemic, so there is pressure to keep tuition increases low
During a recession, college enrollment typically goes up, but that's not happening during the pandemic.
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As new home sales continue to rise, where are the appliances?

Oct 27, 2021
Some home builders are starting to figure out ways to adapt to shortages by stocking up and using alternative brands.
A lack of durable goods has slowed home building, but buyers have started to adapt.
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