Bridget Bodnar



I'm a producer for “Marketplace” hosted by Kai Ryssdal. I run our “Corner Office” podcast and broadcast interview series and produce many of our author interviews. I also love working on some of the more creative elements we make for the show (audio Twitter threads, anyone?).

What was your first job?

A receptionist at a real estate office … in 2007. Things got interesting the next year.

In your next life, what would your career be?

Talent manager to a celebrity cat. Or a reclusive mystery writer.

Fill in the blank: Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you ______.

All the TV subscriptions … all of them …

What’s the favorite item in your workspace and why?

The photo of my daughter from when she was about 3 weeks old and still in that "looks-like-a-turnip" phase. It makes me smile whenever I see it.

Latest Stories from Bridget (233)

How Detroit students experienced the city's bankruptcy

Sep 9, 2015
The NYT video series looks high schoolers' optimism despite their surroundings.
A video journalist from the New York Times followed Denby High School students in Detroit to see the city's bankruptcy through their eyes.
Andrew Jameson/Wikimedia Commons

What's the military doing in our food?

A new book investigates how the military influences the way we eat.
A meal made by the Department of Defense Combat Feeding Directorate at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center.
David Kamm/NSRDEC Photographer/flickr

Why we cried when Steve Jobs died

Sep 3, 2015
Alex Gibney tries to find the reason for the tears in his documentary.
Courtesy Magnolia Pictures

Flores-Roux is a nose ahead in the perfume business

Aug 27, 2015
Give a little citrus, lavender and stink to the lab, and you get atomized magic.
Kai Ryssdal with Rodrigo Flores-Roux at his perfume lab.
Bridget Bodnar
Shelf Life

Felicia Day and the guild of geek

Aug 21, 2015
A million hats weren't enough for her, so the producer-performer wrote a memoir.
"I have signed on for the career of a million hats," Felicia Day says.
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Samsung
Shelf Life

Man eats way through NYC, one pizza slice at a time

Aug 11, 2015
'Slice Harvester' author celebrates the pie's 'utopia in your mouth.'
Urban Outfitters is getting into the pizza business.
Pnickell0/Wikimedia Commons

Rio de Janeiro adapts as it prepares for the 2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro has changed since it agreed to host the Olympics.
Aerial view of the Maracanã Complex, a Rio 2016 Olympic Games venue. 
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Converse unveils a revamp of the classic Chuck Taylors

Jul 24, 2015
And this time, your feet will appreciate them.
The new Chuck Taylor shoe updates the iconic Converse sneaker with Nike technology.

HBO picks up former ESPN host Bill Simmons

The sports channel has had a talent drain recently. What's going on over there?
Bill Simmons will be hosting a weekly talk show for HBO next year, according to the New York Times.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images the New Yorker

Imagine your car being hacked...while you're driving it

Jul 21, 2015
A new bill wants to protect you from this scenario.
In a driving experiment, two hackers were able to remotely control a Jeep Cherokee. 
M 93: „Dein Nordrhein-Westfalen“/Flickr

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