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The last Blockbuster video in the U.S. has no plans to close

Aug 14, 2018
In the days before streaming video and mail-order movies, the blue and orange sign proclaiming a Blockbuster video was the draw for millions of Americans settling into their living rooms for weekend movies. But competition and technology have now rendered the once giant chain to just one U.S. store in Bend, Oregon. And its manager […]
A Blockbuster video store is seen on November 6, 2013 in Miami, Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

NASA hoping hybrid tech will take to the skies

Mar 4, 2016
The technology could cut fuel consumption in passenger jets by 12 percent.
NASA engineers are designing hybrid jet technology. 
Courtesy: NASA Glenn Research Center

'Christmas Story' house gives back to Cleveland

Dec 25, 2014
Money raised from tours of house used in the movie helps fix up nearby homes.

U.S. steelmakers battle against cheap imports, again

Jun 26, 2014
China and South Korea are dumping cheap steel into the market

Why movie crews are headed to Ohio

Jul 4, 2013
Ohio's film tax credits have drawn movie crews back to Cleveland, but there's debate as to whether the tax breaks truly deliver.

Mild winter helps some businesses, hurts others

Mar 2, 2012
For some businesses that shut down during the winter, the mild weather this winter has been an economic shot in the arm. For others, not so much.

Manufacturing jobs up in Ohio

Mar 1, 2012
Most of the growth comes from an unexpected source. Politicians jockey to take credit.
This towering white monolith in Solon, Ohio, is one gigantic freezer, that holds a week’s worth of production of frozen foods, under the Nestle and Stouffers brand.
Brian Bull/WCPN Cleveland for Marketplace

Rust Belt rolls dice and builds new casinos

Feb 20, 2012
Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois are on board with casinos, hoping to drive tourism to down-on-their-luck communities. Now Ohio is getting into the game.

Minimal snow in Midwest means big savings, headaches

Jan 4, 2012
A mild winter means cash-strapped governments save money. But lack of snow can be costly for others.

U.S. steel industry shows signs of a turnaround

Oct 12, 2011
Natural gas and automotive industries are giving a boost to U.S. steel.