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As developers eye valuable mobile park home land, some residents have found a way to fight back

May 4, 2018
Mobile homes are one of the last vestiges of affordable home ownership in the Seattle area, but mobile homeowners are being pushed out by skyrocketing real estate values.
Next-door neighbors and Duvall Riverside Village homeowners Stephanie Rosevear (L) and Danelle Knapp (R) return home from a walk.
Anna Boiko-Weyrauch for Marketplace

Diners aren't showing up as expected near Amazon HQ1, causing some restaurants to close

Jan 2, 2018
Amazon's HQ1 neighborhood empties out at night, so some restaurant owners aren't finding the dining market they expected.
Empty chairs in the recently closed bar, Cantine in Seattle's South Lake Union, look out at neighborhood workers with lunch takeout containers. The bar and several other restaurants closed this year because of lackluster dinner patronage.
Anna Boiko-Weyrauch/ for Marketplace