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Andrew Wood

Latest Stories (5)

Hong Kong stock exchange fights to keep long lunch break

Jan 17, 2012
One of the world's biggest stock exchanges, Hong Kong, is also one of the few in the world that stops trading for an hour and a half long lunch break.

China, Japan make currency deal

Dec 26, 2011
China and Japan announce plans to allow businesses to swap currency without dealing in U.S. dollars

Product pirating hits Apple -- and Apple stores

Jul 21, 2011
Shoppers and workers at China's newest Apple store were surprised to discover their products -- and the store itself -- were pirated.

Chinese government opens strategic pork reserve

Jul 19, 2011
Pork is a main staple in the Chinese diet, so when the price of the meat fluctuates it affects both rich and poor across every region of the country.

Samsonite's IPO trouble could impact Prada's pricing

Jun 16, 2011
Prada is expected to announce the final pricing for its initial public offering later this week in Hong Kong. But a faltering IPO in Hong Kong for Samsonite is raising questions on the wisdom of setting up shop in the city.