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What $130 billion company Salesforce actually does

Sep 10, 2019
Megan Graham wrote about Salesforce's attempt to clarify its work for CNBC.
One Salesforce ad shows how the company can help an online shoe retailer make a sale through data it has on customer tastes. Above, shoe fashion in 1960.
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How tariffs leave businesses stuck in the middle

Sep 9, 2019
"It's a very helpless feeling," said auto parts executive Kevin Feig, on being subject to tariffs.
Morning commuters near Pasadena, California in 2009.

How Taylor Swift became "too big to fail"

Sep 3, 2019
The Ringer's Kate Knibbs explains how the singer's successful branding has helped her become an institution in American music.
Taylor Swift at the 2019 Video Music Awards.
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Meet the algorithms connecting Trump tweets and the stock market

Aug 29, 2019
Here's how and why the stock market responds instantaneously to tweets by President Trump.
The floor of the New York Stock Exchange ahead of the closing bell on August 2, 2017.
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5 targets in the trade war's latest fallout

About $300 billion worth of Chinese goods are getting hit with tariffs this weekend, including merry-go-rounds and lithium-ion batteries.
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Why washing machines want to tug at your heartstrings

Aug 27, 2019
Laura Bliss of CityLab explains why appliance manufacturers are investing in their alert sounds and jingles.
Appliance makers are trying to build brand loyalty by improving the sounds their machines make, says Laura Bliss of CityLab.
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Why oat milk got so popular

Aug 16, 2019
Kai talks with Deena Shanker of Bloomberg about how Oatly made oat milk popular.
A man pours oats into a tupperware container.
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Is Netflix losing its place at the top?

Aug 16, 2019
Natalie Jarvey of the Hollywood Reporter talks about the future of the streaming platform.
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The history of software "Easter eggs"

Aug 15, 2019
The New York Times' David Pogue recently took stock of a 40-year-old trick.
A Tesla Model S in a showroom in 2013.
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Mississippi business owner celebrates rate cut

Aug 1, 2019
Kai Ryssdal checked in with Austin Golding, a small business owner in Mississippi.
Floodwaters in Vicksburg, Mississippi back in 2011.
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