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When it comes to public transportation, that last mile to get home can be an issue

Jan 30, 2018
Getting people to their front door can sometimes make for a tricky problem for public transit. It turns out that’s a big challenge for package delivery too.
Atlanta’s Relay Bike Share lets people rent bikes by the hour or by the day. Drop off points near transit hubs and popular destinations give MARTA riders a last mile option.
Photo courtesy of MARTA

Will Georgia’s music industry thrive if school music programs don’t?

Jul 4, 2017
The state has a new law to boost the music business, but it might have trouble finding artists.
Students like these still take music classes at public schools in Georgia, but many schools in the state have had to reduce funding for such courses.
Courtesy of Georgia Department of Education

Atlanta mall lures customers by offering events

Dec 23, 2016
A mall developer landed on "experiences" as the way to compete for retail shoppers in an online world.
Atlantic Station lets local groups use its space at a discounted rate because people who come for events often shop at the mall too.
Immanuel Cruz

New light system in Atlanta designed to help traffic move efficiently

Aug 11, 2016
Atlanta voters approved $250 million in bonds for the project.
Atlanta officials hope replacing these old traffic lights (yellow) with newer models (black) will help ease the city’s roadway congestion.
Courtesy City of Atlanta

Target credit card breach still hurts small businesses

Jun 11, 2014
After credit card hacks, it's tough to get customers' new credit card numbers.

Turning junk metal into a livelihood

Jul 9, 2013
In cities like Milwaukee, where unemployment hovers around 10 percent, scrapping for junk metal has become a way to earn a living.